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I tried both .obj format and .fbx format, with cage and without cage. Without cage, the problem is even worse because I have a very close geometry. With cage, it's improved but still, there is a large chunk artifact. I tried to bake with Xnormal, and the problem is completely gone, but the edge is a bit messy.
6 Sep 2014
Well, I tried to add some edge loops to my lowpoly model. Some artifacts were gone but some got bigger. The results are just unpredictable. I tested the model and the normal map in another engine, in Blender and in xNormal 3D Viewer and it looks ok. I think Unity3D's normal shader renders it wrong.
hi everyone. first of all I want to say thanks for this great app. now, this is my problem, the normal maps that I made in xnormal have weird borders on them. the first image was made with 3ds max, the second with xnormal. I dont understand why I get those strange things near my seams, anyone has a clue?
7 Sep 2015 that's what dithering artifacts look like(in your last picture). Simple solution is to save your normal as 16 TIFF from xNormal and bring into Photoshop, save it as 16-bit PNG(no compression) which UE4 can read just fine. No more dithering and more precision. I use 16 bit PNG all the time for normal maps.
I have a problem with a rather ugly seam on my normal map, I am using 3ds max, mudbox and xnormal. workflow 1 ) made the low poly in 3ds max (editable pol
16 May 2014 Normal Map Seams. Many times after rendering out a normal map in Xnormal, applying it to the low res mesh and looking it in Cryengine you have normal map seams like in the picture below. In this tutorial we will explain what they are, why they happen and what to do to avoid them. As common logic the
Hi, I'm new with xNormal, and just registered in this community to learn more about the awesome tool xNormal is. I created a model in Sculptris, and reduced my model from 1.2M polys, to 12K. The normal map generated with xNormal looks great, but I found some artifacts in the extremes of toes and fingers
10 Jul 2015 Hi, I'm at a loss for why I'm getting two artifacts in my normal map.
17 Nov 2009 Baked the map in Blender, xNormal, Modo, zBrush, Melody (In Unity: artifacts; In xNormal, Modo, zBrush, Melody: no artifacts) - Exported the lowpoly model and normal map in all available formats with different settings (In Unity: artifacts) - Imported the model with and without Calculate normals and Split