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AIRBase99 Manual. Introduction 05. Front Panel View 06. Back Panel View 06. Connecting the Unit 08. - Power Supply 08. - Audio - Connections 08. - Midi - Connections 09. Mode Master, Edit, Midi 10. - Structural Overwiev 10. - Edit - Mode 11. - Memory-Hierarchy 12. Master Mode 13. - Selecting Kits 13. - Instrument-type
Jomox AirBase99 - rackmount analog drum module. Jomox AirBase99. The Jomox 'AirBass99'.. Not a NATO secret air raid headquarters but a superb new analog drumrack.. First we had the XBase09 a real analog . If you pop on over to the JoMoX site you can have a look see at the manual.
3 Jan 2008 Hello I am looing for a service manual for a JomoX AirBase-99. There are some problems with the electrics. Any ideas?
11 Mar 2010 Instructions to get bi-directional messages working: - Connect MIDI OUT from the JoMoX to your computer / audio interface MIDI IN. Be sure to also route that MIDI to the track with this m4l patch in Live. - Enable "Snapshot Send" on your Airbase, please read the manual how to do that: page 13 on the bottom
The JaZBase03 provides a totally new set of percussion sounds for the musician. As on the AirBase99, the percussion section contains short 8-bit samples that can be post-processed with an analog envelope and partly with an analog filter. We recorded our own acoustic samples and processed them so that the JaZBase03
AIRBase99 Manual - Read more about untitled, midi, parameter, drum, decay and airbase.
AiRBase99 - Installation-Instructions. Before you install the update please take yourself some time and read the following carefully. When the update is installed, we recomend for making sure proper function, to reset the unit. It does not have to be done nessecarily, but if some srange effects might appear with the new
Berlin. No part of this manual may be copied or reproduced without written permission by JoMoX GmbH Berlin. (see Page 63 ). Kurzbeschreibung der AiRBase 99. Die Airbase 99 ist im weitesten Sinne die Rackversion des Drumcomputers JoMoX XBase 09 mit mehr Instrumenten und mehrstimmiger. Sample-Sektion.
Editing kits on the AiRBase99 is not one of the most pleasurable tasks I've been asked to do for SOS. However, the helpful instruction manual has a good index, is clearly laid out and includes plenty of useful MIDI related information for the adventurous programmer. Without access to a computer I imagine most users will
The AiRBase99 is a 19" rack mount (1 RU) drum module that offers all needed features of midi equipment and especially meets the sonic performance that you would expect To expand the range of sound again, there are two independent true analog tom toms with fat and powerful sound in the AiRBase99. . Manuals