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I have literally had 4k and under the past month with JC. I got up to 20k the first 2 weeks of MoP's launch from prospecting gems, than after making my Jade Panther I went down to broke and now (on my server at least) Almost all green gems sell for 1-10 gold and blue gems sell around 50-75 gold each.
25 Jun 2012 This guide takes a look at the additions and changes to Jewelcrafting in Mists of Pandaria. In addition to numerous new gem They each take an Orb of Mystery which costs 20,000, so that's a lot of money between crafting the mounts to collect as well as the mounts to combine together! Jewelcrafters can
3 Jan 2013
Tends to be about 600% profit, but I've got every MoP design available so far, so you probably won't profit quite as much before you get a few good designs. Actually without alchemy and enchanting you probably won't get that kind of profit, but you should still double your money with only jewelcrafting, if not
29 Sep 2012
18 Nov 2012 This JC Gold Guide will teach you: How to make gold in MoP. How to make gold with Jewelcrafting How to make gold with JC Guide Which is better; Ghost Iron Ore or Trillium Ore Prospecting How to play Mists of Pandaria How to get gold capped in WoW MoP. How to use the Auction House and flip items
This guide takes a look at the additions and changes to Jewelcrafting in Mists of Pandaria. In addition to numerous new gem cuts, Jewelcrafting got some interesting vanity items, like mounts and pets.
MoP Jewelcrafting (525-600). Welcome to my Mists of Pandaria (MoP) Jewelcrafting Guide. Let's get serious right away, you probably learned Jewelcrafting to make gold. If you want to make gold, read this guide on how to make gold. In Mists of Pandaria Jewelcrafting has received a lot of attention, along with new
27 Jun 2016 So you picked the jewelcrafting profession and now you're wondering how to excel. You've come to the right place. This guide will show you how to become a jewelcrafting expert. Before we get started, here is a short checklist: The first thing you need to do is get your jewelcrafting (JC) skill points to max
Blizzard has added their own version of Farmville into the game via a Daily quest hub and While The Tillers dailies quests and reputation could be a guide on all its own, you can make pretty Gems are more expensive than ever, which makes Jewelcrafting a great and viable option for making gold in Mists of Pandaria.